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Hi friends. If you're looking for an "Andrew Burlinson" who is not an actor, writer, musician and director, you're in the wrong place. If you're looking for an "Andrew Burlinson" who appeared in Ford  v Ferrari, recurred on NBC’s Parks and Recreation, was a series regular on the Emmy-nominated Amazon Prime show Just Add Magic, and has guest starred on Equal (HBO Max), Silicon Valley (HBO), Casual (Hulu), Criminal Minds (CBS), The Defenders (CBS), and The Wedding Band (TBS), then you're probably in the right place.

The "Andrew Burlinson" who owns this website co-wrote, co-produced and co-starred in the new media series Grip and Electric alongside Henry Thomas (E.T., Gangs of New York), Janet Varney (You're The Worst, The Legend of Korra), Lin Shaye (There's Something About Mary, Insidious), Izzy Diaz (Broke, Telenovela), Burl Moseley (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Happiest Season) and Ovation Nominee and Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Award Winner Meredith Bishop (The Secret World of Alex Mack). Grip and Electric was recommended by the New York Times, and hailed by Tubefilter as a "well-made little web series" with a script that "flows with a snappy rhythm" and "delivers its jokes from a fresh point of view." Grip and Electric was also nominated for nine Indie Series Awards including Best Series, Best Comedy Ensemble, Best Direction, Best Cinematography, Best Writing, Best Guest Actress (twice), Best Lead Actress (Meredith Bishop) and Best Lead Actor (yep, this Andrew Burlinson guy). Andrew and co-writer Kerry Harris won for Best Writing for a Comedy. They received a beautiful crystal statue. Seriously, it's really nice.


If this is still interested, you might also want to know that this "Andrew Burlinson" has appeared in what we can call "a lot" of national commercials including highly visible spots for Geico, Hyundai, TD Ameritrade, Volkswagen, Tamiflu, Verizon Fios, Comcast, Avis, Vizio, Ford and AT&T among many others. Andrew has appeared in so many commercials, he was once recognized at Dodgers Stadium as "that guy" from "that thing" on "my TV."

Fourth paragraph so looks like you're fully committed here. "Andrew Burlinson" also has an extensive background in theater and starred in Blue Man Group from 2000 until 2006. Yes, as an actual Blue Man. He was a permanent member of the Chicago cast and did extended runs in both New York and Boston, appearing on numerous morning and late night television shows and live events in the United States and Brazil. 

Still reading? Thanks, mom. You might want to know that the "Andrew Burlinson" from the previous four paragraphs also wrote and directed several award winning short comedies which have appeared in film festivals worldwide. His short Austin, We Have a Problem won Special Mention at the Los Angeles Lift-Off Festival in 2014. His short The Serenader won Best Micro-Short Special Mention at the Lionshead Film Festival, Best Micro-Short at Clean Shorts Festival and Best Musical Production at the Austin Revolution Film Festival in 2015. His short Knights of the Long Table won Best Comedic Short at the Independent Film Series Festival in Beverly Hills and was nominated for Best Comedy Short at the Burbank International Film Festival 2015. Andrew was nominate for Best Actor in the dramatic short film Body + Blood which he co-produced.


Have you noticed that these paragraphs are moving backward in time? It's a whole "bio" format thing. Okay back to "Andrew Burlinson" who directed several sketch comedy shows performed by the LA based troupe Big Boss including their 2012 Valentine’s Show on the Groundlings Main Stage.


BEFORE all that (still tumbling backward through time) the "Andrew Burlinson" guy we've been discussing studied acting in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles with teachers from Julliard, Tisch/NYU, Yale School of Drama, American Repertory Theatre, Atlantic Theater Company, Steppenwolf, USC and the Groundlings. He specialized in improvisation, Michael Chekov movement techniques, Catherine Fitzmaurice’s vocal method, commedia dell’arte and clown comedy in the tradition of French master Jacques Lecoq. Yep, LeCOQ.


"Andrew Burlinson" also holds a degree in English and American Literature and Language (with honors) from Harvard University where he was President of the Hasty Pudding Theatricals. He performed in the improv comedy group On Thin Ice with a lot of people who then quit acting. "HOLDS A DEGREE." What a Harvard a-hole, right?


Almost at the end here so let's bring it on home to the beginning... A native New Yorker, the "Andrew Burlinson" on this website was salutatorian of his class at Mamaroneck High School where he won several national essay writing competitions. Are we really talking about things I did in high school? Wow, thorough.


And the coda: The aforementioned "Andrew Burlinson" is also an accomplished visual artist, songwriter, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist (guitar, bass and drums). 

Oh you're looking for a different guy? Cool. Maybe try here: 




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